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Our VGE Community Support - Financial support was established with employee’s real-life emergencies in mind. Within the local context, unannounced life occurrences such as immediate and extended family ailments and funerals come without notice with budgetary implications. Often times this comes as a pressing demand to employees who plan their budgets based on fixed salaries.

This is where the VGE Community Support – Financial support come in! Since life emergencies do not give us the luxury of time, hence our Instant loans are processed within 24 hours. The maximum amount granted is TZS 500,000. This loan does not require collateral. Worth noting, the application process guarantees our client’s privacy and confidentiality. The entire application process is conducted online.

Please note that the Application Requirements include a salary slip of not less than two (2) months, Bank statement of not less than six (6) months, valid Employment ID and a National ID. All nationals legally employed in Tanzania are eligible to apply for this loan.
Successful applicants will be notified via email to visit our offices to complete the necessary paperwork to be followed by an online Bank Transfer.