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Our Healthcare & Medical Services

We ensure our Clients’ peace of mind by facilitating their access to the best health care and medical service in Tanzania and abroad. Through our vetted pool of experts, we serve as a reliable and trusted referral point to clients seeking medical attention i.e. Hospital visitations for general and specialized treatment as well as Home Based Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Services. We link our clients with Hospitals and medical experts in various specialties in Dar es Salaam and abroad.

Modern One-Stop Funeral Services

The Firm provides modern one-stop coronary services within Dar es Salaam and up-country. Being mindful of our client’s condition in times of loss, we send a team to their homes to ease the planning. We cater for the entire procession ranging from logistical arrangements, décor, music and PA system, venue setup, catering, cleaning as well as accommodating our clients’ specific needs. We have a trusted team at your service. We are only a phone call away!

Health Education Services

One of the Firm’s priority areas is to coordinate, organize and facilitate the provision of health information through various platforms both locally and internationally. The services include but are not limited to public information on topical issues such as Covid-19 and epidemics, Child Protection, Health and safety, Elderly health risks education etc.

Professional Counseling (Telehealth, Home-Based & Clinical Visits)

With the increasing rate of mental health challenges globally, we serve as a center of refuge to facilitate our client’s wellbeing through the highest level of confidentiality. We facilitate access to Telehealth counseling sessions, clinical visits, home visits and spiritual counselors tailored to our clients’ unique needs. The areas targeted include but are not limited to marital counseling, financial stress, relationships (family & intimate), trauma, stress related to illness and all mental health disorders

Sports & Public Events Medical Services

The Firm provides professional medical services for events such as Marathons, Charity walks and other sports as need be. These services are extended to large public events that require medical services such as First Aid, Ambulance and other services customized to fit our clients unique needs

24 Hours Ambulance Services

We provide 24 hours Ambulance services within Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma and across Tanzania. Our paramedics team is highly skilled to handle critical patients while on route. We provide affordable services for scheduled hospital visits, emergencies & funerals.

Local & International Medical Insurance Advisory

As a foreigner it can be a challenge to identify the most suitable and reliable health insurance for yourself and your family. This is where we come in. We provide tourists and foreigners with reliable information on available local and international medical insurances in Tanzania. We also advise on health facilities that accept the specific insurance. For patients traveling abroad for treatment, we advise on suitable insurance policies based on the countries they are traveling to.

Home Based Rehabilitation & Palliative Care Services

We provide you with top notch and trust-worthy health professionals at the comfort of your home! Our Experts plan, coordinate and deliver multi-disciplinary home care services through co-operation with other service providers. The aim is to meet the health and social care needs of the client and his/her caregiver holistically and enhance their confidence and independence at home. The objective is to provide good care to promote the client’s health and wellbeing at home. Home care services include, but are not limited to:
  • Home Rehabilitation
  • Home Palliative
  • Home Medical and Nursing
  • Home Social Care
  • Home environment review
  • Psychosocial and dementia support
  • Care giver support and training

Our Education Services

At VGE we recognize that beyond formal education, a child’s unique talents are profound in today’s global economy. With close collaboration with parents, we identify your child’s talent, nurture and develop it. We go an extra mile, through our Skills Development programs to impact your children with relevant life skills such as Communication skills, Money Management skills, ICT skills, Leadership skills, Sports, Piano classes, Cooking and housekeeping skills among others. Our programs run throughout the year.

Vertex Education Programs

Children Talents & Skills Development Programs (Age group 5 – 17 years)

At VGE we recognize that beyond formal education, a child’s unique talents are profound in today’s global economy. With close collaboration with parents, we identify your child’s talent, nurture and develop it. We go an extra mile, through our Skills Development programs to impact your children with relevant life skills such as Communication skills, Money Management skills, ICT skills, Leadership skills, Sports, Piano classes, Cooking and housekeeping skills among others. Our programs run throughout the year.

Form Four & Form Six Leavers Program

Are you a Form IV or Form VI Leaver? We are here to help & guide your academic and career path. At Vertex Group we provide professional consultation with students to assist them in choosing the correct career path. We provide reliable information and connect students with accredited Colleges and/or Institutions of Higher Learning in Tanzania and abroad. Whether you are interested in Colleges in Tanzania, the East African region, South Africa, Europe or United States of America, we are the go-to consultants. We are open for consultations from 0800am – 0500pm Mondays to Fridays and 0800am – 0200pm on Saturdays!

Teenagers Guidance & Counseling Programs (Age group 11 – 19 years)

Are you a Parent/Guardian to a Teen or Teenager? With the fast-paced lifestyle of 21st Century, Vertex Group is here to mentor, guide and counsel your children in the adolescence age! Our highly skilled experts are well acquainted with the challenges of modern teens and teenagers. To this end, our programs are designed with your children in our minds! We cover topics such as puberty, self-esteem, risk behaviours, sex, early pregnancies, alcoholism and drug abuse, HIV/AIDS & STDs. We effectively answer teenagers’ questions that most parents cannot due to cultural barriers! Our programs run throughout the year.

Swahili, English and French Language Courses

Jambo! Hello! Bonjour! At Vertex we give special attention to our local and international students. Our programs bear in mind their varied language levels and abilities to grasp a new language. Our tutors will individually walk with you in this journey as you perfect your language skills. We pride ourselves in the quality of students we produce! Our clients include students from Foreign Missions, neighbouring countries such as Comoro, DRC and Rwanda. Others are USA, Europe and Middle East. Our classes are conducted through physical classes i.e private and group classes.

Dissertation and Research Writing Consultancy

Good news to undergraduate and post-graduate students in Tanzania!!! Our Company has assisted hundreds of higher learning students with technical assistance in writing their dissertation and research proposals. Through our guidance, our students have academically excelled in their respective fields of study. With our support you will finish your degree program on time!

Community Support Initiatives

As VGE we uphold the value of community support initiatives in making a difference in the Community. We therefore pay special attention to marginalized groups such as women and children. At the same time, we do not leave behind the boy child and men for we recognize that sustainable development is contributed by the wellbeing, wellness and prosperity of both genders.

Child Protection (Girl & Boy Child)

VGE stands in support of the government in achieving a society free from Child abuse and molestation and a society well informed of different protective measures. As VGE we are alarmed by the increasing rate of child abuse and molestation in our communities. The statistics are higher than ever! Together with our partners we join hands to create awareness about the ill acts, sensitize the children on how to identify a molester and/or pedophile as well as invest in educational programs to curb the challenge. We recognize that putting an end to all forms of child abuse requires a collective effort that would support the government through holistic approaches. Therefore, our programs are designed to bring all stakeholders on board to jointly work tirelessly to protect children in their Homes, Neighbourhoods, Schools and Houses of worship among others. We believe that it is paramount to build a community whereby every individual feels they have a responsibility to protect children. Until then our children are not safe!

Gender Based Violence

We recognize that Gender Based Violence greatly impacts the victims both women and men. The most unfortunate consequence being the unseen scars passed on from generation to generation. In this case, children who grow up in abusive environments most likely become abusers themselves. To build a well-balanced generation we need to collectively understand the deeper consequences of abuse. Then go an extra mile to understand the journey of both victims and abusers for purposes of helping them heal from their deeply hidden scars. This takes dedication, time and patience! We are committed in this for a better tomorrow. Counseling is one of our prime approaches to achieve healing!

Boy Child Mentorship Programs

At VGE we have taken note that as significant attention has been dedicated towards empowering the girl child, the boy child is slowly but steadily left behind. Therefore, our programs are best designed to mentor, train and groom young men to face present days and future dynamics and challenges. In our communities we have a set of believers who view a boy child as a young person who can raise himself because he is a man. As a consequence, a boy child falls the risk of learning from wrong places, sources and environment. As a result the boy child misses on the right mentorship and training necessary to prepare him for tomorrow in all spheres.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

We acknowledge that the government has put in a lot of effort and initiatives to curb Female Genital Mutilation in our community. Nevertheless, the practice persists secretively in some communities. VGE therefore partners with responsible national authorities and actors to educate the affected societies about the ill consequences of FGM. We recognize that change takes time and it is a process. Therefore, our programs are designed to build on the milestones achieved and provide support where setbacks are identified.

Pro bono Legal Assistance

At VGE we bring together a wide network of lawyers committed to particularly take on child protection cases as a priority area. We also facilitate pro bono services to other forms of abuse including Gender Based Violence and inheritance for marginalized groups among others.